Message of Secretary General of the Turkic Council Ambassador Ramil Hasanov on the occasion of December 12 ‘Neutrality Day of Turkmenistan’.

On behalf of the Turkic Council and on my own, I present my heartfelt congratulations to Turkmenistan and the brotherly Turkmen people on the occasion of Neutrality Day of Turkmenistan.
The principle of neutrality constitutes the foreign policy bases of Turkmenistan from the first days of its independence. With the proposal of Turkmenistan, on February 2, 2017, the UN General Assembly adopted the Decree on "Day of International Neutrality ". With this Decree, it was decided that the Day of International Neutrality will be celebrated on December 12 every year.
I hope that this meaningful day will contribute to the consolidation of peace and stability in the region and all over the world.
Ambassador Ramil Hasanov
Secretary General of the Turkic Council