Secretary General’s Message on October the 3rd `Turkic Speaking States Cooperation Day`;

Today is the 9th Anniversary of the signing of Nakhchivan Agreement, establishing the Turkic Council as a regional cooperation organization, by its four founding Member States; Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey on October 3, 2009, a date marked and celebrated as the Turkic Speaking States Cooperation Day.

It is apparent that under the leadership and continuous support of the honourable Presidents of the Member States, the Turkic Council has become a common house for the Turkic world today and Turkic people place high hopes on it for advancement of comprehensive cooperation in the Turkic world.

Founded on three pillars of common history, culture and language, Turkic Council with permanent support of Member States has initiated notable projects in its short history and made important achievements in various fields ranging from politics to economy, education to youth and sports and from tourism to transport and customs, as well as contributed to the global agenda of the united Nations in attainment of regional peace and development in its region. 
The Turkic Council commits itself to the implementation of the aims and objectives of the organization set forth by the Nakhchivan Agreement with tangible cooperation projects, enhancement of friendship and solidarity among Turkic peoples, which will hereafter continue maintaining peace and prosperity in its region and beyond and to fulfillment of the tasks given at the last Summit in Cholpon-Ata.
Taking this opportunity, along with our Member States we congratulate all Turkic speaking nations and communities on this meaningful day and reiterate that the Turkic Council will continue to serve for stronger cooperation and solidarity.
Baghdad Amreyev
Turkic Council Secretary General