Secretary General of the Turkic Council Baghdad Amreyev participated in the 2018 TRT World Forum.

On the first day of the 2018 TRT World Forum, a platform that engages the world’s leading thinkers and decision-makers, Secretary General of the Turkic Council Baghdad Amreyev participated as Speaker in the session entitled “Disrupting the World Order: Rise of the Global South” held on 3 October 2018 in Istanbul.

The session highlighted the relations between the developed North and the emerging South as well as the impacts of the rise of the emerging countries on the established world order, as significant drivers of global economic growth and important influence in the international institutions.

The session was started with the keynote speech of Mr. Hamid Karzai, Former President of Afghanistan between 2004 and 2014. In his opening address, Mr. Karzai emphasized that the world witness a power shift from west to east. He added that the Far East, Asia, Africa, Latin America are more and more involved in the global scene, and all these regions are gradually becoming stakeholders and affecting the rest of the world.

Secretary General Amreyev stressed in his address that the world is going through an important period of transformation and the rise of the Global South in speed and scale. He added that it is difficult not to consider the chances and the opportunities provided by the South. He emphasized that as a regional organization and a responsible international actor, the Turkic Council attributes great importance to further development of the South through cooperation.

Former Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Russia, Sergey Karaganov, Managing Partner of China-India Institute, Haiyan Wang, Economist David McWilliams and Former Managing Director of World Bank, Mamphela Ramphele were among other speakers of the session.

Turkic Council Project Director Özge Pan accompanied Secretary General Amreyev at the Forum.