Turkic Council organized Regional Workshop on Customs Transit Facilitation in partnership with the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and GIZ on 28 January 2019 in Baku.

Regional Workshop on  Customs Transit Facilitation organized by the Turkic Council in partnership with the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and  GIZ was successfully held on 28 January 2019 in Baku. 
The workshop gathered the customs officials of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Georgia as well as various stakeholders such as ABADA and TRACECA who shared national experiences in the field and discussed implementation of available means for facilitating regional transit transportations.
The welcoming address was given by Mr. Javad Gasimov, Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In his congratulatory remarks, Mr. Gasimov expressed appreciation for the contribution of partners in organizing the workshop on Customs Transit Facilitation and pointed out the significance of the workshop in the framework of the new transit concept developed by Azerbaijan in the light of its location at the crossroads of East-West and North-South Corridors. Emphasizing the importance of the experience of Turkey in order to better understand the European approach as well as Georgian experience in facilitating shipments and information exchange, Mr. Gasimov stressed that the implementation of similar systems would be possible in the future with Central Asian partners. 
Following the address of Deputy Chairman Gasimov, Deputy Secretary General of Turkic Council Gismat Gozalov, in his opening speech, expressed his gratitude to the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for hosting this important regional workshop. Deputy Secretary General highlighted the Turkic Council’s activities and efforts of the Secretariat in the promotion of customs and transit facilitation basically focused on simplifying customs procedures and improving customs clearance efficiency.  

Reiterating the special emphasis put on the Trans-Caspian Corridor by the Heads of States of the Turkic Council at the previous Summits, Deputy Secretary General wished that this workshop serves as a step forward for the relevant regional stakeholders to develop forward-looking and regional customs transit related policies.

The one-day workshop included four sessions and interactive discussions on implementation of the European New Computerized Transit System (NCTS), TIR Convention and implementation of e-TIR projects, development and prospects of transit transportation as well as public-private partnership and possible ways for further cooperation.

Project Director Ozge Pan accompanied the Deputy Secretary General in the Workshop.