Turkic Council took part in the Workshop on the Promotion of Turkistan Tourism.

Project Director of the Turkic Council Farrukh Jumayev and Research Expert Dastan Almen took part in the Workshop on the Promotion of Turkistan Tourism, which was held on 19 December 2018 in Istanbul at Association of Turkish Travel Agencies` (TURSAB) Head Office Building.

After short opening remarks of officials from TURSAB, Department of Tourism and Foreign Relations of Akimat (Governorate) of Turkistan Region and Turkic Council, the tour operators coming from Kazakhstan made presentations about Turkistan`s touristic resources and potential and presented to the Turkish counterparts attending the workshop the products and services of their companies.

Project Director Jumayev made a presentation about the endeavors of the Turkic Council in the tourism sector and gave information about the latest efforts of the Turkic Council to promote the Modern Silk Road Joint Tour Package. In his presentation, he especially stressed that Turkistan Region remains an integral part of the project.

At the end of the presentation, Project Director shared information on the documentary, which is being prepared by TRT Avaz at the moment, and demonstrated the short version of the mentioned documentary to the workshop participants.

B2B meetings among Kazakh and Turkish tour operators were held after the official part of the workshop.