4th Young Leaders Forum of the Organization of Turkic States held in Bukhara, and Bukhara declared as the First Youth Capital of the Turkic World

4th Young Leaders Forum of the Organization of Turkic States held in Bukhara, and Bukhara declared as the First Youth Capital of the Turkic World
More than 200 young leaders from the Member and Observer States gathered at the 4th Young Leaders Forum of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) in the historic city of Bukhara, which was officially declared as the First Youth Capital of the Turkic World.
Co-organized by the Organization of Turkic States, Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and Bukhara Regional Administration on 3-4 June 2022 in Bukhara, the Forum was attended by the Secretary General of the OTS Baghdad Amreyev, Director of the Youth Affairs Agency of Uzbekistan Alisher Sadullaev, Governer of Bukhara Region Botır Zaripov, Deputy Minister of Culture, Information, Sports, and Youth Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Türkiye, Chairman of the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of Azerbaijan Azer Aliyev, Deputy Chairman of the Center for Citizen’s Initiatives of Kazakhstan Jasulan Bisembiyev, and Chief Referent of the Regional Cooperation Department of the National University of Public Service of Hungary Denes Andras Nagy.
The main goal of the Forum was to contribute to the leadership and personal development skills of the youth of the Member and Observer States, and to promote cooperation among the non-governmental organizations working in the field of youth. Hence, in addition to the youngsters, Forum brought together the officials from government institutions, ministries and agencies in charge of youth policy, successful young leaders from various fields, heads of Youth NGOs, prominent businessmen, journalists, bloggers, influencers, artists and sportsmen. 
During the course of the Forum, Bukhara was declared as the “First Turkic World Youth Capital” for the year 2022 based on the decision taken at the 5th Ministerial meeting in Tashkent in 2021 and, in line with the proposal of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the 8th OTS Summit in Istanbul, the official announcement of 2022 as the “Year of Support for Youth Initiatives” was made with high-level ceremonies attended by the Forum participants and the residents of the city of Bukhara.
In his opening speech at the 4th Young Leaders Forum, while voicing his happiness and enthusiasm for being in the historical city of Bukhara, Secretary General Baghdad Amreyev highlighted the decisions taken at the historic Istanbul Summit of the OTS convened on 12 November 2021, and underscored that we are going through a period in which there is a great awakening in the Turkic world, a rising awareness of our fraternity, and an increasing affection and solidarity among our states, leaders and peoples.
Secretary General stressed that despite the challenges on a global and regional scale, the natural convergence between the Turkic States and peoples is making a remarkable progress, which established a unified Turkic World for the first time in history.
Secretary General Amreyev also informed the participants about the latest developments and activities carried out within the framework of the OTS with a specific reference to the Youth and Sports portfolio and underscored the emphasis placed by the Heads of States to youth and sports agenda of the OTS. Secretary General also shared with the participants the upcoming planned activities and projects in the very field.
Director of the Youth Affairs Agency Alisher Sadullaev highlighted the significance of policies developed for youth empowerment and sports considering the educational, cultural and economic values that youth carries. He emphasized that the ongoing projects and activities for youth under the OTS have proved to be valuable means to enhance ties among the Turkic youth and expand their knowledge about their commonalities, and extended his full support for the deepening of the ongoing cooperation with new initiatives.
Referring to the glorious historical past of Bukhara and the prominent figures emerged in Bukhara, Governer of Bukhara Region Botır Zaripov express his appreciation to hold the title of the First Youth Capital of the Turkic World and reiterated his readiness to realize projects and activities in 2022 with the participation of youngsters from the Turkic World.
After the opening session, Secretary General Baghdad Amreyev, Youth Affairs Agency Director Alisher Sadullaev, and Governer of Bukhara Region Botır Zaripov signed the Decision declaring Bukhara as the First Youth Capital of the Turkic World and adopted the Plan of Action to be realized in Bukhara during 2022.
The opening session was followed by 3 sub-sessions and training seminars dedicated to “Entrepreneurship, Business Talks and Media”; “Art, Culture, and Sport”; and “Science and Education” topics where young leaders came together with panelists having success stories in each respective field and had the opportunity to hold fruitful discussions. On this occasion, Technology Team leader of Baykar holding and Chairman of T3 Foundation Selçuk Bayraktar, who has developed widely-known Bayraktar and Akıncı drones held a fruitful discussion with young leaders in a panel session and shared his experiences.
In honor of the declaration of Bukhara as the Turkic World Youth Capital, the central park in Bukhara was named as the “Turkic World Youth Park” and a special monument was erected with the participation of the high guests and participating young leaders. High guests also planted saplings for each Member and Observer States and the Organization of Turkic States. Subsequently, a gala concert was organized at the historical area of Bukhara with the participation of around 2000 citizens of Bukhara.
The Forum continued in the second day with visits to famous cultural and historical sites of Bukhara. Youngsters also had the opportunity to visit the Bukhara Youth Center within the framework of the program.
In the evening of the second day, participating young leaders and large number of youngsters from Bukhara gathered at a special Open Talk session with Selçuk Bayraktar at the heart of the historical part of Bukhara, Kalon Minar, where the Technology Team leader of Baykar holding and Chairman of the T3 Foundation Selçuk Bayraktar made a vivid presentation about the rich scientific past of the Turkic world and his personal efforts in the production of Bayraktar and Akıncı drones that have drastically changed the defense and aviation history.
NEWS DATE: 05.06.2022