Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council on the occasion of the Cooperation Day of Turkic Speaking States

Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council on the occasion of the Cooperation Day of Turkic Speaking States
Today, the Turkic world proudly celebrates the 11th anniversary of the Nakhchivan Agreement, which is the symbol of the materialization of the common political will, aiming to establish stronger brotherly ties and to construct the future together underneath a single common roof.
Marking the establishment of the Turkic Council, where productive cooperation and relations stemming from centuries-old historical ties in the Turkic world bear fruits with the activities and concrete actions carried out in different fields ranging from political cooperation to economy, transportation to youth and sports, education to tourism and health, October 3rd is celebrated as the Cooperation Day of Turkic Speaking States. 
We are honored to convey our congratulations and earnest wishes to all Turkic peoples around the globe on this historic day!
Since this date, three-decade long partnership established among the Turkic States, has been continuously flourishing with more institutional elements and Turkic peoples around the world, with their common history, culture and language, have been streaming together towards a common future on the basis of mutual interests.  
As the only intergovernmental podium of the Turkic World for cooperation and unity, Turkic Council is indeed a unique platform, where new objectives and initiatives are determined at the highest level with the pioneering role of the Heads of States.
Following the 7th Summit of the Turkic Council held in Baku in October last year, the Turkic Council has entered a more productive and aspiring period in which the Organization was expanded for the first time since its establishment with the joining of Uzbekistan and Hungary as well as the opening of its Representation Office in Budapest, the activities in various fields of cooperation have intensified, the integration of the Turkic World has become stronger and multilateral relations between member states have reached a qualitatively new level.
The Organization developed its entire agenda after the global pandemic in a way to address the negative impacts of this crisis and succeeded to take immediate actions against this matter in a timely manner.
While the Turkic Council Member and Observer countries have established close cooperation in the fight against the pandemic and acted quickly to provide each other with essential medical aid and food supply both bilaterally and multilaterally. On the other hand, an Extraordinary Summit of the Turkic Council was held via video conference with the agenda of "Solidarity and Cooperation in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak". 
In this process, areas such as health, agriculture, migration, etc. were included in the work schedule of the Council, structures such as the Health Coordination Committee, Health Scientific Group and Supply Chain Group were established.
The Organization, after having completed its establishment period, has entered into a new phase, where closer cooperation and deeper integration are aimed by its members. With this understanding, we continue preparations of the new strategic plan, which include the long-term goals and perspectives of the Turkic World in various areas, such as foreign policy, trade, transit routes, tourism, investment, energy and green economy, small and medium size businesses, culture, education, youth policy, healthcare, digitalization, respectively, as well as a "road map" to achieve and implement these goals.
This entire agenda, which has been integrated into the Turkic Council Vision 2025 - Five-Year Strategic Plan (Vision 2025) and Turkic World Vision 2040 does not only show that the cooperation and unity within the framework of the Turkic Council has gained a new momentum, but also reveals the increasing level of collaboration among the Member and Observer States to maintain stability, to strengthen ties between them and to unlock their development potential. 
The Turkic Council will maintain an active and pioneering role, especially in the areas such as economy, trade, customs and transport. We are pleased with the work of the Turkic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was established in May 2019. Our efforts came to the final stage on the establishment of the Turkic Investment Fund, which aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises in our countries, and to increase mutual investments among them.
Furthermore, Turkic Council gives prominence to its international affairs and actively develops cooperation with other international and regional organizations, including the UN and its specialized agencies.  
Turkic Council attaches great importance to relations with its related and affiliated organizations; namely TURKSOY, TURKPA, Turkic Academy and Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation. The Coordination Committee of Cooperation Organizations of Turkic Speaking States, composed of these Organizations was established with the purpose of strengthening the institutional interaction among the Turkic Cooperation Organizations, and enhancing coordinating functions of the Turkic Council among the Turkic Cooperation Organizations.
In this crucial period of the history for our brotherly nation of Azerbaijan, we once again express our solidarity with the Azerbaijani people, and reiterate the importance of the early settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, on the basis of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
On this day devoted to our solidarity and unity, we are proudly expressing our deep gratitude to the to our Heads of State, Governments, and relevant institutions, especially for their permanent support and willpower, with which the Turkic Council will undoubtedly spare no effort to generate more initiatives that would contribute to further development of the Turkic States and strengthen friendship and brotherhood in the Turkic World.  
Taking this opportunity we extend once again our heartfelt congratulations to all the people of the Turkic World together with our Member States, and wish that the cooperation of the Turkic world will last forever.

Baghdad Amreyev
Secretary General of the Turkic Council

We are stronger together!

NEWS DATE: 03.10.2020
Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council on the occasion of the Cooperation Day of Turkic Speaking States
Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council on the occasion of the Cooperation Day of Turkic Speaking States