New Year's Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council

New Year's Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council
In these last hours of 2020, while we are welcoming 2021 with great hope and expectations, I wish everyone a year full of health, happiness and peace.
We are leaving behind an extremely difficult year for all of us, in which humanity went through a serious challenge. We have learned a lot from this experience. The pandemic taught us the importance of unity in hard times, that we will be stronger together and we can overcome difficulties only with solidarity and colaboration.
Despite all the challenges and difficulties of 2020, the Turkic World and our Member States emerged stronger, more united with the important achievements; first and foremost the liberation of Azerbaijani lands from the occupation.
As the Turkic Council, we supported, from the very beginning, the just cause of our founding member, the current chair, the Republic of Azerbaijan in ensuring its territorial integrity and sovereignty over the whole territory of the country. Now, we are proud to witness the glorious victory achieved by Azerbaijan in its patriotic war , which is also of great significance for the whole Turkic World.
Turkic States have also shown a strong solidarity immediately after the outbreak of the global pandemic and have taken joint measures through an action plan in the fight against the COVID-19. The Heads of States of the Member States came together effectively at the Extraordinary Summit by changing the entire agenda in accordance with this unexpected situation.
In this process, the establishment of a prompt and timely cooperation network between our Member States, the mutual supply of medicines and medical equipment, as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience, demonstrated an unprecedented solidarity among our countries to the whole world.
The Turkic Council, while ensuring the coordination of aid undertakings among its Members, held a series of meetings at the ministerial level to discuss the pandemic and the measures to be followed in areas such as health, transportation, economy, customs and immigration.
By establishing mechanisms such as the Health Scientific Board, Health Coordination Committee and Supply Chain Group, joint efforts in the field of health were immediately put into practice.
Turkic Council Secretariat also established a solid partnership with WHO by signing Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the two organizations on 11 September 2020. Now, the Turkic Council and WHO Regional Office for Europe are developing an Action Plan for the implementation of the said MOU and started to put it into practice.
As we are very close to overcome the pandemic, we have many reasons to look forward to 2021 and to rebuild the future with the experience we have attained.
Being inspired by historical brotherhood ties, common language, culture, and traditions, over the past years, the Turkic Council has sustained a climate of dialogue and cooperation and promoted achieving of feasible results in many sectors, as a response to the evolving needs of the Member States. Enlarged by granting observer status to Hungary in 2018 and by joining of Uzbekistan as a full member in 2019, the Organization, after having completed its establishment period, is aiming now at a closer cooperation and deeper integration among its members. In this direction, the Secretariat has prepared two essential documents, namely; the “Turkic Council Strategy 2020-2025 - Five-Year Strategic Plan” and “Turkic World Vision 2040”, which will lay out the short and long-term goals and perspectives of the Turkic World in various areas, including foreign policy, trade, transit routes, tourism, investment, energy and green economy, education, youth policy, healthcare and digitalization.
Futher collaboration of the Member States and the underlying architecture of cooperation within the Turkic Council ihas gained more visibikity mööand the governments are becoming increasingly involved in seeking common interests. Moreover, the Member States are aware of the fact that regional cooperation is one of the ways for coping with many global challenges, which are increasingly and more directly affecting our citizens. 
Despite such achievements, the Turkic Council Member States require a good deal of patient work to face the challenges of the 21st century. Looking at the period ahead of us, the Turkic Council intends to identify remaining challenges and keep the positive momentum that has been built over the years.
The Turkic Council will spare no effort to secure the necessary conditions for further fulfilling its mission and achieving its purpose. The Secretariat will continue serving the collective interests of all Member and Observer States and building more robust and transparent relations with them. In this context, I would like to thank all Member and Observer States of the Turkic Council for upholding a strong commitment for cooperation and for their categorical support ectended to the Turkic Council Secretariat over these years.
Taking this opportunity, I would like to express our gratitude first and foremost to our Heads of State, the Ministries of our member States, public institutions, private sector and non-governmental organizations for the infinite support and assistance they provide to the Turkic Council and wish 2021 to bring health, peace, unity and solidarity to the entire Turkic world and its peoples.
Happy New Year!
Baghdad Amreyev
Secretary General of the Turkic Council
NEWS DATE: 31.12.2020
New Year's Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council
New Year's Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council
New Year's Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council
New Year's Message of the Secretary General of the Turkic Council