OTS Secretary General has the keynote speech at Caspian Policy Center’s panel discussion in Washington. 

OTS Secretary General has the keynote speech at Caspian Policy Center’s panel discussion in Washington. 
Secretary General of the Organization of the Turkic States (OTS), H.E. Baghdad Amreyev participated in the panel discussion organized at the Caspian Policy Center (CPC) on the role of the OTS in a rapidly changing world, which was held on 23 September 2022 in Washington, DC. 

The event brought together prominent american policy communities and think tanks to discuss the emerging role of the Organization in the Caspian region especially as traditional power brokers face new obstacles, and to foster closer cooperation with the United States. 

The discussion was hosted by the Chief Executive Officer of the CPC, Mr. Efghan Nifti and moderated by the Security and Political Program Chair and board member of the CPC, Amb. Richard E. Hoagland. Ambassador of Kazakhstan  to USA Erzhan Ashyqbaev and representatives of the OTS Member States’ Embassies also took part in the discussion.   

Secretary General Baghdad Amreyev, in his keynote speech, briefed the audience regarding the background of the Organization’s establishment in the context of integration processes in the greater Caspian region in the post-cold war era. He characterized the OTS as an institution aiming to establish peace, respect, focusing more on local dynamics, prosperity, and integration efforts in the Turkic World. 

Pointing out that the establishment of the OTS was inspired by historical ties of brotherhood, common history language, culture, and traditions, Secretary General stressed that the Organization seeks to contribute to peace and security in the region, increase the wealth of its peoples, supports liberal principles of global economic system, and looks for ways to create an increased connectivity and enhanced integration among its members in the areas of mutual interest.

Noting that the activities of the Organization cover neatly all fields of cooperation among the Turkic countries ranging from foreign policy to security; economy to health; tourism to education; and energy to transportation, Secretary General Amreyev pointed out that the Organization has enabled to create effective mechanisms as well as to execute an important number of result-oriented joint projects particularly in the fields of economy, transport, connectivity, tourism, and ICT.

B. Amreyev underlined the importance of the recent decisions taken at the Istanbul (8th) Summit of the OTS in 2021 in terms of the future of solidarity and unity in the Turkic World, and stated that the historical ties and fraternal relations between the OTS countries have been transformed into planned, institutional, and sustainable cooperation. 

Secretary General informed that the Organization’s efforts will be concerned in the upcoming period with contributing to the global energy security, accelerating current regional initiatives in the field of transport and communication, and exploring new avenues of cooperation in the sphere of ecology and environmental protection.

Following a detailed presentation of the OTS, its achievements until now, and its future objectives, Secretary General Amreyev addressed the questions of the participants of the forum including the political and security situation in the post soviet, relations of the Organization with neighboring countries, cooperation prospects with the US, as well as Organization’s efforts to render the International East-West Middle Corridor into an effective transportation route in the region, scope and objectives of the Turkic Investment Fund, and the OTS’ reaction to the developments in Afghanistan. 

OTS Project Directors Ms. Ozge Pan and Mr. Yerzhan Mustafin assisted Secretary General during the discussion.
NEWS DATE: 26.09.2022