Turkic Business Portal

This initiative of the Turkic Council aims to create an online platform that will practically eliminate physical, bureaucratic and linguistic barriers in front of the trade among the Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) of our Member States.

This buisness platform will enable instant communication between SMEs without any intermediaries and collecting information, the trade potential and activities that are currently dispersed among various other fora under a single web portal.  While easing communication and centralizing the relevant information, the Turkic Council will greatly facilitate the increase of speed and volume of commercial interactions.
In this respect, to ensure that the Business Portal can be transformed into a comprehensive and effective platform, regular and timely provision of the information and data flow required from the related public economic institutions to the Secretariat as well as the private sector umbrella organizations will contribute to the successful implementation of the project.
In line with the decisions of previous working group and ministerial meetings on economic cooperation the organization conducts its activities with the aim of creating better conditions for doing business, harmonization of legislations and facilitation of trade and economic relations among the member countries through close coordination with relevant governmental bodies and other institutions in charge of economic issues as transport, customs and tourism etc.

Updated: 07.11.2021