Turkic Trade Houses

The Concept Paper on establishing “Turkic Trade Houses” was prepared by the Secretariat of the Turkic Council that describes briefly the economic potential of Turkic Council member states and raises the issue of a trade as a key element for future economic cooperation in the region. The concept also identifies the goals of Turkic trade houses, their main activities and functions. 
The establishment of the “Turkic Trade Houses” will play a significant role in helping the Member States to expand their trade volume, facilitate the export process and strengthen its position in each other markets.
Taking into account that the above-mentioned concept of the Turkic Trade Houses was prepared based on the Azerbaijani practice and model, the Secretariat with close collaboration of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) currently working on establishing the first “Turkic Trade House” pilot project in Baku.
Updated: 07.11.2021