Common Turkic History Textbook

The Member States worked diligently to arrive at agreed, time-bound commitment to pursue the shared aspirations regarding the first and one-of-a-kind textbook on the common Turkic history.

Professional historians' expertise was involved in the preparation of the book, which covers the historical period until the 15th century. One of the most robust and substantial achievements of the cooperative teamwork, the said textbook is ready for the final review of the ministers, after which it will be presented at the Summit of the Heads of State.

The Turkic Academy also had instructions to initiate the writing of textbooks on common Turkic geography and literature. The concept of the Common Turkic Geography Textbook is ready and is sealing its fate to the next SOM meeting, after which Turkic Academy will continue to develop it. On the other hand, the Academy is concurrently working on the finalization of the draft concept of the Common Turkic Literature Textbook. The experts of the field will develop the book by integrating the views and recommendations of the Member States.
Updated: 29.03.2019