Exchange Program for Secondary/High Schools

The cooperation among the schools includes three main focus areas: the exchange program for students, the exchange program for educational professionals, and the Sister School Project.

Jointly with the respective Ministries of Education, Turkic Council organized two exchange programs for the students of the secondary/high schools in Turkey (2016) and in Azerbaijan (2018). The projects proved to propel the students towards acceptance and understanding of similar cultural values and perspectives. They also enhance familiarization of students with other Turkic languages and increases awareness and general knowledge of the students towards the brotherly Turkic states. It is projected that the next exchange program will take place in Kazakhstan.

The SOM has well advanced for setting to start the exchange for educational professional and launch Sister School Project as well. They approved the concept papers of the said initiatives and will deliver the presentation of the efforts at the next ministerial meeting. If accepted, the Turkish side is ready to undertake the first responsibilities regarding the exchange program for educational professionals. The future projects promise to be a meaningful, reciprocal and sustainable long-term partnership among the schools of the Turkic states.
Updated: 29.03.2019