Turkic University Union

Established after the ministers signed on the Directive in 2013 in Eskişehir, Turkic University Union (Union) promotes different modes of cooperation among the universities of the Member States.

Since 2014, the number of member universities grew from 14 to 18. During the last General Assembly (2018), Azerbaijan University of Languages, Dosmukhamedov Atyrau University of Kazakhstan and Osh State University of Kyrgyzstan became the new members of the Union. The applications of the Cappadocia University from Turkey and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University are currently being assessed.

The Union has many lines of action such as the Orkhun Exchange Program, Sports Games of the Union and Student Council. To get ahead in the said programs, since 2014, the Secretariat organized five meetings at the level of Rectors and Vice-rectors and three General Assemblies. The former helps coordinate the activities within the Union while the latter adopts necessary decisions relating to the organizations of the Union.

The Secretariat advanced dramatically on the way to making the Orkhun process a fully-fledged exchange program. Over the past four years, the Turkic Council convened a variety of different thematic meetings aiming at integrating diverse educational modalities of the member universities such as the Bologna Process, Erasmus Plus, and European Credit Transfer System. These meetings included different sectoral and technical gatherings, field studies on the spot, and extraordinary conventions. As a result, during the 5th Union meeting, the parties adopted the draft regulation of the program, which was a massive step in its realization. The sides started the pilot phase of the project in the academic year 2017-2018. 43 students of member universities from the departments of International Relations and Political Science benefited from the program. With the succeeding inclusion of the Turkology Department into the pilot phase, as agreed by the parties at the last General Assembly of the Union, the number of students for the next academic years will increase substantially.

Started recently, the Sports Games, held within the Union, is another platform that served the purposes of establishing a tradition of sports events/competitions within the structure and promoting solidarity and ties of friendship among the university students in the Turkic states. The former Chair-in-Office Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University organized the first games. The sports games proved a significant success by bringing together more than 300 athletes from member universities. The current Chair-in-Office of the Union Khoja Akhmet Yassawi University will host the next sports games in 2019.

Another recent initiative within the Union, the Student Council, convened three meeting since its inception. Organization of cultural nights, friendship tournaments, and other social events that foster the sense of belongingness and inclusion among the participants are standing on the shoulders of the Student Council members.

Since its initiation, the Turkic University Union owns and operates large and successful record labels such as Orkhun Exchange Program or Student Council. Besides these, the direct coordination of the former Chair-in-Office Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University helped accomplish prominent endeavors such as Tourism Guide of the Turkic World, the report briefing the relations among the Member States over the last 25 years and the document on the universal citizenship education among the Turkic peoples.
Updated: 29.03.2019