Common culture, language and history of the Turkic Speaking States are the main pillars that underpin the cooperation under Turkic Council, making this regional cooperation unique in comparison to others. It was symbolic that the Second Summit of the Turkic Council was held under the theme of “Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation”.

Turkic Council stresses the importance of the role of Education and Science. The area is one of the best tools for social change, economic development, and prosperity in our countries. Turkic Council holds Ministerial Meetings on educational issues, develops and implement special programs that help young Turkic generations to join the existing educational system.

Six meetings of Ministers of Education were held so far, the last meeting was convened on 4 November 2021 in Istanbul, while Senior Officials of the Ministries of Education (SOM) gathered eight times with the last meeting taking place on3 November 2021 in Istanbul. Activities carried out within the Turkic University Union and Turkic Academy, projects such as Common Turkic History, Literature and Geography Textbooks, the student exchange program among educational professionals and students of secondary/high schools and the other programs taken within the Turkic Council will take the relations in the field of education among the Member States to a new stage.

Updated: 07.11.2021