Information & Media

Considering the role of media and information in international relations and importance of developing cooperation in this field, the Fifth Summit of the Turkic Council was devoted to the “Cooperation in Media and Information Sphere”.

The First Meeting of the Ministers and High Officials in Charge of Information and Media was held on 18 August 2015 in Astana. During the said meeting the ministers signed: “Turkic Council Joint Cooperation Protocol on Information and Media”, “Protocol of Cooperation among the National TV Channels of the Member States of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States”, and “Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation among Official News Agencies of the Member States of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States”. Six meetings of the Working Group on Cooperation in Media and Information Sphere were held so far.

Contact Group was established on the basis of the national TV channels, consisting of technical, financial, news programs specialists which concentrate on education, culture, sport and news themes in order to accelerate the process of exchanging of information and creating joint projects.

The Public TV of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz TV Channel and TRT TV Channel of Turkey allocated time frames in their broadcast on 16 December 2016 on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan and screened the films about Kazakhstan provided by national TV Channel of Kazakhstan. Similar film screenings were done during 2017 by the mentioned national TV Channels devoted to each member state.

The official News Agencies of the Member States also continued cooperation within the framework of the Turkic Council and publish in their official websites, on a permanent basis, the news about the international activities of the Turkic Council and its affiliated institutions.

Currently Parties are implementing the Plan of Events on development of cooperation in the sphere of information and media among the Member States.
Updated: 29.03.2019