Ministerial/WG Meetings

Until now, Turkic Council convened one Meeting of Ministers in Charge of Information and Media of the Turkic Council. Six Working Group meetings were organized with the participation of the experts from the relevant institutions of the Member States so far.


Taking into account the role of media and information in the nowadays world and stressing the importance of developing cooperation in this field among the Member States the Fifth Summit of the Turkic Council held on 11 September 2015 in Astana was devoted to the “Cooperation in Media and Information sphere”.
The First Meeting of the Ministers and High Officials in Charge of Information and Media was held on 18 August 2015 in Astana. In the framework of the said Ministerial meeting the following documents: “Turkic Council Joint Cooperation Protocol on Information and Media”, “Protocol of Cooperation among the National TV Channels of the Member States of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States”, and “Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation among official News Agencies of the Member States of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States” were signed. Six meetings of the Working Group on cooperation in media and information sphere were held, where details of the multilateral cooperation were discussed.
Contact Group was established on the basis of the national TV channels, consisting of technical, financial, news programs specialists which concentrate on education, culture, sport and news themes in order to accelerate the process of exchanging of information and creating joint projects.
Thus, the Public TV of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz TV Channel and TRT TV Channel of Turkey allocated time frames in their broadcast on 16 December 2016 to the 25th Anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan and screened the films about Kazakhstan provided by national TV Channel of Kazakhstan. Similar film screenings will be done during 2017 by the mentioned national TV Channels devoted to the each member country.
The official News Agencies of the Member States also continued cooperation within the framework of the Turkic Council and publish in their official websites, on a permanent basis, the news about the international activities of the Turkic Council and its affiliated institutions.
Regarding the establishment of the International Turkic News Channel (ITNC), it was agreed to postpone the preparations for the establishment of ITNC to a later period. At the same time, the implementation of the Plan of Events on development of cooperation in the sphere of information and media among the Member States of the Turkic Council, prepared by the Kazakh side and accepted by all members, was carried on. 
Second Meeting of the Ministers and High Officials in Charge of Information and Media held on 7 May 2019 in Baku. The Parties agreed to set up a Joint FTP Pool to which they can download programs (in the formats like MP4, HD, M2P, AVI, and similar ones) and video materials on agreed categories such as news, short movies, cultural, historical and sports programs including traditional sports.
The Parties agreed to work closely to produce documentaries, short films and videos on the project proposal given by the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan H.E. Nursultan Nazarbayev on “100 People of the Turkic world” and “Sacred Places of the Turkic world” at Cholpon-Ata Summit.
TV Channels of the Member States will also cooperate in preparation of a joint documentary film which will be in the framework of the article “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe” by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev.
Another important outcome of the Ministerial meeting was the signing of the Cooperation Protocol among the Public Broadcasting Institutions of the Member States of the Turkic Council on 7 May 2019 in Baku to regulate technical issues for effective cooperation among the public TV Channels.
During the meeting, the Parties also extensively discussed the establishment of an International Turkic News Channel (ITNC) and noted that, this issue has not been resolved yet due to lack of financial resources. However, transformation of one of the existing TV channels into a common channel of Turkic-speaking states, like TRT AVAZ channel could be a practical solution, considering that it was launched in 2009 with the purposes to be a cultural bridge between Turkey and the Turkic-speaking vast geography. 

Updated: 28.01.2021