Junior Diplomats Training Program

Junior Diplomats Joint Training Programs have been implemented annually in accordance with the Cooperation Protocol among the Ministries of Foreign Affairs signed at the 3rd Summit of the Turkic Council.

The main purpose of this program is to get acquainted young diplomats with the foreign policies and the commonalities of history, culture and language of the Member States, as well as to establish friendly ties with one another. The content of the training program annually is generated by the Secretariat taking into consideration the aim of the program as well as the priorities of the Turkic Council and the Host Country, based on the experience and comments of the participants of the previous programs. Throughout the programs, junior diplomats attend two-week training in one of the Member States, which consists of lectures by competent academicians, top government officials and high-ranking diplomats; cultural tours to historical places and official visits
Updated: 29.03.2019