Sister Ports Process

Under the Sister Ports Process, three meetings among Baku, Aktau, Samsun and Kurik Seaports with larger participation of representatives from all transport modes and customs authorities of the member states have been organized so far.

Member States signed an MoU on the Sister Ports Process among the Seaports of Baku, Samsun and Aktau in 2013 with a view to enhancing cooperation in the field of transport even further. Kuryk Seaport of Kazakhstan joined the Sister Ports Process at the Fourth Meeting of Ministers of Transport of the Turkic Council convened on 17 April 2019 in Bishkek. Turkmenbashi Seaport of Turkmenistan was also invited to the Sister Ports Process.
The relationship set by the MoU has streamlined exchange of technical visits and trade ties among the Seaports and enhanced attempts for the creation of an integrated software system for the shipment of goods among them. To streamline efficient cooperation, the member states also established a technical group comprising the officials from the seaports and the Secretariat of the Turkic Council.
On the sidelines of the Third Sister Ports meeting held on 13 May 2019, the “1st Caspian Ports and Shipping 2019 Exhibition and Conference” was hosted by Aktau International Sea Trade Port in partnership with Transport Events Limited and Turkic Council on 14-15 May 2019 in Aktau, Kazakhstan. The conference was attended by three hundred participants from fifteen countries of the world, including senior government officials, representatives of logistics companies, region’s leading shippers, ports, terminal operating companies, railway operators, port equipment and services suppliers from countries throughout the Caspian region. 
Participants had the opportunity to discuss topical issues on containerization and development of infrastructure in Caspian and Black Sea as a link of international trade between East and West, reviving traditional transport corridors between Asia and Europe through integrated transport solutions, as well as generating technology innovations as key enablers that unlock potentials for emerging ports. 
The 6th Session of the Conference, which was dedicated to the theme of “National and International Perspectives on the Development of Logistic Infrastructure along Trans-Caspian Transport Corridor”, was organized by the Turkic Council Secretariat. The session served as a platform where the speakers from Turkic Council Member States demonstrated their transport and logistic infrastructure capacities, and discussed current projects such as establishment of Free Trade Zones in the territory of the ports that would serve to attract more cargo movement across the Trans-Caspian Transport Corridor. 
The Fourth meeting of the Sister Ports will be held in Samsun in 2020. Sister Ports process is intended to be enlarged with the inclusion of other sea and land ports of the Member and Observer States.
Updated: 06.01.2020