International Youth Festivals

Three Turkic Council International Youth Festivals were staged in Ganja, Bishkek and Istanbul.

Three Turkic Council International Youth Festivals were staged in Ganja, the European Youth Capital-2016, in September 2016, Bishkek in July 2018, and Istanbul in December 2019 respectively with the participation of some 500 people including from non-member states to the Turkic Council. Festivals served as an opportunity for the youth coming from different countries to get socialized and familiarize with one another. They also provided an opportunity with round table meetings and debates for discussions on the expectations and problems of the youth in our region.
Turkic Council 3rd International Youth Festival was organized on 2-6 December 2019 in Istanbul to promote cooperation between the youth of the member and observer states of the Turkic Council, to provide cultural cohesion among the youth, to promote the common values of the member states as well as to share information on their youth policies.
Within the scope of the Festival, which brought together 150 young people from member, observer and guest countries, national presentations on youth policy and youth activities of the participating countries were made, and experience sharing sessions for projects were held among the participating youth NGOs.
The Festival program also included a common “language workshop” to increase the awareness on our common roots and history, a “thematic workshop” to discuss the expectations and problems of young people, and a “voluntarism workshop” to elaborate the volunteer activities of the member countries. Participating young people also visited the Youth Centers within the scope of the program and conducted handicraft activities and sports activities. Young people who visited the historical and cultural places of Istanbul, planted saplings in memory of 5 December World Volunteer Day.
Additionally, the participants came together in a concert activity that brought together different colors of ancient Turkic geography and staged music and folk dance performances of their countries.
Turkic Council 4th International Youth Festival will be held in Nur-Sultan in 2020.

Updated: 28.01.2021