Youth Platform

Youth Platform was established with the purpose of strengthening the relationship among the youth NGOs and National Youth Councils of the Member States.

Youth Platform was established under the Turkic Council with the purpose of strengthening the relationship among the youth organizations and National Youth Councils of the Member States by bringing them under one roof and providing them a unified representative capacity in the world. The Regulation of the Youth Platform was adopted by the Ministers of the Turkic Council in charge of Youth and Sports in their second meeting in Baku in May 2017.
The Platform is expected to increase the cooperation and coordination among the Youth of the Member States as well as that of regional countries with various projects and activities. The Youth Platform has representative and elected bodies such as a Board and holds regular General Assemblies. Its Board convenes regularly in advance of the meetings of the Ministers in charge of Youth and Sports of the Turkic Council to reflect their problems and expectations. The Annual Reports adopted by the General assembly will be submitted to the Council of Heads of States at Turkic Council Summits. Moreover, as a token of emphasis placed on the Turkic-speaking youth, the President of the Board will attend the meetings of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) and the Council of Heads of States (CHS) at the Turkic Council Summits.
Turkic Council Youth Platform currently has more than 60 Youth NGOs as members from the Member States. Its 1st General Assembly was convened in Baku on 13 October 2019 on the occasion of the 7th Summit of the Turkic Council. The Board of the Platform was elected at the General Assembly and started to work. Representatives of youth organizations from the Member States discussed the future course of action of the Youth Platform and determined the main areas of attention at the General Assembly.

At the Sixth and Seventh Summits, Presidents instructed the Secretariat to work to protect the youth from radical ideologies. Presidents also urged the Secretariat to develop measures to expand the youth’s knowledge about the cultural peculiarities of our Member States so that they can represent the culture and language they belong to. Youth Platform will be an effective instrument to serve to the purpose of meeting the instructions of the Presidents. 
The 2nd General Assembly of the Youth Platform will be convened in Kazakhstan in 2020.

Updated: 28.01.2021